New Year, New Discoveries

In the last numerous months, we have made remarkable progress, assembling a world-class team of researchers and officially launching Alberta’s first and only nanotechnology accelerator laboratory. I am confident that this momentum will continue well into 2014 and gather even more speed in the years to come.

With the New Year now upon us, it is time to focus on Ingenuity’s bright future and the revolutionary discoveries that await. Our success to date has been fuelled by collaborative partnerships, leading-edge research and a commitment to leveraging opportunities across disciplines. I intend to build on these strengths while positioning Ingenuity Lab as a national and international nanotechnology leader.

We have worked hard to establish our labs within the space provided to us by the National Institute for Nanotechnology and the University of Alberta. The potential to transform industries and communities around the world is now within reach. To that end, Ingenuity Lab has its sights set on a number of ambitious milestones and we have already started to make headway, cultivating partnerships, securing resources and identifying promising solutions to some of our generation’s most pressing concerns.

I see the next eighteen months as pivotal for our advancement as a preeminent research team. During this time, Ingenuity will look to establish a multi-million dollar pilot facility where we will develop and test innovative technology that has the potential to assist our province’s signature industries to curb emissions and expand into untapped value-add product creation.

Our focus on biomining applications will also continue and I anticipate that our discoveries, which build on earlier targeted drug delivery advances, will prove to be instrumental in assisting the recovery of valuable ore materials and will provide a timely alternative to conventional tailings pond remediation strategies.

While research gains are often difficult to predict, it is my hope that by the end of 2014, Ingenuity will have also made significant progress on our unique water purification technology and we will be in a position to commence pilot testing. Our work holds great promise for the agriculture industry and populations around the world so we are eager to take this project to the next level.

Clearly, there is much to do but our team is poised and ready for the challenges ahead. As we collaboratively engineer novel solutions, we will be building knowledge capacity that will prove invaluable across sectors. It’s part of the beauty of the Power of N. I trust that this year will truly be one filled with prosperity and hope and I thank you for your ongoing support.