What if we can purify and reuse agricultural runoff water?

The idea of contaminated water is often associated with heavy industry but, as farming has grown into a more ambitious, productive and large-scale undertaking, the environmental impact of the agriculture industry has often been overlooked.

Ingenuity Lab is working on developing state-of-the-art water purification technologies that have the potential to address the environmental impact of contaminants to our water supply that are generated from agricultural processes. In brief, nanotechnology has the unique ability to help soil and water return to their natural state.

Additional research and development of nanotechnologies with the power to reclaim nitrogen from soil runoff has further potential to help our agriculture industry increase its yield.

Ingenuity Lab is also developing desalination technology, which will allow other regions of the world that are closer to oceans and seas to address drinking water shortages and grow their own crops—using Alberta technology.