December 3, 2013: Turning Emissions into Marketable Products

Made-for-Alberta nanotechnology discoveries provide a sweet alternative to conventional thinking
Edmonton, Alberta – Ingenuity Lab is unearthing discoveries that will transform Alberta’s signature natural resource industry with technology that promises more efficient creation and transfer of energy.

“We truly are Canada’s energy powerhouse,” says Ingenuity Director, Dr. Carlo Montemagno. “Every year, our province generates billions of dollars in revenue as we extract and market Alberta’s abundant natural resource portfolio to consumers around the world.”

“To date we’ve been extremely fortunate, ranking consistently amongst the top 10 energy producers in the world, but with energy demands expected to rise by 35 per cent in the next two decades, it is time to move beyond conventional thinking into something revolutionary that will secure our economic growth and reduce our environmental footprint.”

With 90 per cent of Canada’s carbon dioxide emissions originating in the energy sector, the need for change is clear.

One of Ingenuity Lab’s focus is on improving energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy and managing emissions with leading-edge technology. Engineers are in the developing stages of a innovative technology which transforms carbon dioxide into high-valued chemicals.

“The union of nanotechnology and biochemistry give us the capability to sequester carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas emissions,” explains Dr. Montemagno. “We can then metabolize these carbon dioxide emissions into a valuable chemical compound that can be taken to market. Essentially, we can take something that we know is problematic for industry and the environment and convert it into something of value that can be repurposed.”

“During the last 20 years, we have led all provinces in average annual economic growth,” says Dr. Montemagno. “Nanotechnology not only provides the opportunity to build on this success, it promises unconventional discoveries that may well prove to be cornerstones of Alberta’s future energy industry.”

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