January 8, 2014: Health Matters at Ingenuity Lab

World-class researchers unveil discoveries that will revolutionize modern medicine.
Edmonton, Alberta – Researchers at the province’s first advanced nanotechnology laboratory have big expectations for the small science that promises better health for Albertans through superior prevention techniques, radically improved diagnostics and innovative clinical treatment.

“The convergence of nanotechnology and modern medicine presents infinite new possibilities for humankind and offers hope for future generations,” says Ingenuity Lab Director, Dr. Carlo Montemagno. “It’s time to leave reductive and reactionary practices behind and instead, focus on visionary methods that will redefine health as we know it.”

The multidisciplinary team at Ingenuity Lab is currently exploring novel oral vaccination delivery systems that will maximize drug efficacy by offering improved absorption. “Until now, the fundamental challenge that has slowed oral vaccine advancement has been premature drug dissolution caused by acids in the stomach,” explains Dr. Montemagno. “Through our research, we are in the active stage of development for an innovative health solution that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the oral influenza vaccine and will contribute to the development of further life saving drug delivery techniques.”

Oral vaccine delivery systems hold great promise, providing an alternative to conventional vaccine practices. Injectable vaccines are more resource intensive as they require sterile medical equipment, careful administration by health professionals and rigorous cold chain management to maintain drug safety, efficacy and quality.

“For centuries, vaccines have had a profound effect, preventing and even eradicating some of the world’s most pervasive communicable diseases,” says Dr. Montemagno. “Our vision is to not only improve on the efficiency and convenience of these products but to make them more accessible to our most disadvantaged communities around the world where they are needed most.”

“While the exponential growth in biomedical sciences in the last century is astonishing, it is insignificant compared to what lies ahead,” says Dr. Montemagno. “In Alberta, we are fortunate to have an abundance of talent who will shape next generation health technology.”

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