November 6, 2013: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Marketplace

Dr. Carlo Montemagno leads world-class team of researchers to address grand challenges for Alberta’s future with made-for-Alberta nanotechnology solutions

Edmonton, Alberta – Alberta’s first accelerator laboratory brings together some of nanotechnology’s leading players to make small science have a big impact in Alberta, by harnessing and commercializing emerging technologies, and simultaneously addressing some of the grand challenges faced by our province.

“We still have an incredible amount to learn from nature. This we know,” says Ingenuity Lab Director, Dr. Carlo Montemagno. “The opportunity in front of us is the potential to create a bio-enabled, globally-competitive and value-added industry while training the next generation of researchers and innovators in Alberta.”

With a research team of 25 strong and growing, Ingenuity Lab is focusing its research on the mining, energy, agriculture and health sectors, and is a $40 million provincial government led initiative working in partnership with the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT), Campus Alberta and industry.

“We were early to invest in nanotechnology, and together with our partners we’ve grown expertise, developed and attracted talent and created an exciting new industry in Alberta,” states Thomas Lukaszuk, Deputy Premier and Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education. “Now, the Ingenuity Lab aligns our tremendous resources with our government’s education and entrepreneurship agenda.

“The Province’s goal is to mobilize knowledge creation and position local and Canadian companies for growth and success,” says Stephen Lougheed, CEO of Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF). “Through Ingenuity Lab, we are capitalizing on past progress we’ve made in this space, while fuelling continued discovery that will help industry meet and exceed expectations and continue building enterprises that will help diversify Alberta’s economy.”

The concept of an accelerator laboratory was spurred by the findings of an international panel of experts, Chaired by Dr. Montemagno, that assessed the state of nanotechnology research and development in Alberta. It identified future industry opportunities and untapped potential of the province’s resources, both human and natural. “Now is the right time to build a next generation technology foundation that will support an increase in prosperity for all Albertans,” states Lougheed.

“My vision is ambitious, but I am confident,” states Montemagno “As demonstrated by our investment in the oil sands in the 1970s, we are a forward-thinking province that creates opportunity. I want to build on this legacy of long-term investment in technology. Alberta is a special place that creates and enables dreams, and promotes prosperity through research and innovation.”

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Carlo Montemagno, PhD
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