2D mesoporous thin films: Functional coatings for fluorescent chemical sensing


  • Lanthanide luminescence quenching as a detection method for fluorescent chemical sensing
  • Photoluminescent measurements of thin films in the presence of selected pesticides
  • Common chemical quenchers (that can be detected) – molecular oxygen, iodide and chloride ions, havy metal ions, -OH, -NH groups


  • Great potential for the realization of novel sensor concepts such as optical fiber sensors with mesoporous films as sensitive elements
  • Capable of providing real time analytical information
  • Cost effective and fast detection time

Key Milestones

  • Proof of concept studies with reactive oxygen species
  • Selection of materials; fabrication (optimization of deposition conditions) and characterization of mesoporous thin films
  • Assess luminescent detection capabilities of thin films
  • Fabrication and assessment of thin film-based optical fiber sensors
  • Determine commercial and economic viability