Develop a 100 % Biodegradable Packaging Material from Nanomaterials and Wood Pulp


  • Increase surface hydrophobicity of pulps using Ag and TiO2
  • Combine enhanced pulps, CNC, and PLA to produce films
  • Evaluate mechanical, thermal and morphological features of films
  • Investigate the gas barrier, water vapor barrier and migration properties of films
  • Evaluate the efficacy of the films on reducing the growth of microbes 


  • Development of a biodegradable alternative to conventional non-biodegradable petrochemical plastics
  • Smart packaging will suppress the activity of food microbial organisms, the leading to cost reductions and reduced food-borne human illnesses
  • Create skilled jobs in the manufacturing and pulping sectors

Key Milestones

  • Report on a simple method for grafting Ag and TiO2 on surface of pulp
  • Produce films that are biodegradable and have the potential to replace conventional packaging materials
  • Incorporate antimicrobial chemistries into the developed plastics
  • Create a full scientific and economic report on the feasibility of the technology platform