Development of Oral Influenza Vaccine Delivery System Utilizing Microparticles With pH-Responsive Macropores


  • Develop a method to qualitatively assess influenza vaccine stability in the gastric environment and identify major vaccine destabilization factors of oral influenza vaccines
  • Design/fabricate new vaccine delivery systems and assess their feasibility in a simulated gastric/intestine environment
  • In vivo demonstration of the proof-of-concept vaccine delivery system


  • Enhances immune responses in systemic and mucosal sites
  • Allows for easy delivery of vaccines to remote and developing areas
  • Safe (no concern about needle-phobia & needle–associated injuries)
  • Easy to administer; No need for health care professional

Key Milestones

  • Develop microcapsule fabrication method
  • Demonstrate proof-of-concept by in vitro encapsulation & release tests
  • Demonstrate lactase delivery concept
  • Microparticle fabrication optimization
  • In vivo animal study using influenza vaccine
  • Encapsulation/Formulation optimization