Hybrid Systems

To create a bio-inspired nanosystem platform that is capable of:

  • Performing ultra-sensitive detection
  • Monitoring bimolecular behavior at single molecular level
  • Generating and transmitting ionic current for information processing
  • Simulate complicated cellular function such as action potential, etc.


  • First demonstration of in vitro reconstitution of action potential; will be an excellent platform to test biological signal processing hypotheses
  • Provide a model system to study how information contained in spatially and temporally distributed chemical and electrical signals is ordered to achieve meaning
  • A guide to engineering intelligent materials and systems that actively interact with the environment with applications in informatics, chemical refining, energy, and health care, etc.

Key Milestones

  • Physical engineering of a single unit of hybrid system
  • Production and functional study of proteins
  • Controlled assembly of proteins using functionalized beta-sheet peptide
  • Fabrication, characterization and measurement of solid-state nanopore
  • Patterned polymeric growth
  • Integrate arrays of hybrid system units to generate a multiplex platform