Ingenuity beads (InBeads)

Development of a platform for probe capture based assays to
monitor low abundant targets, including but not limited to:

  • Cell-free tumor DNA level in cancer patient plasma
  • Donor DNA in recipient plasma after transplantation
  • Virus abundance and diversity changes during the treatment process


  • Improved detection of low abundant DNA targets
  • Increased accuracy of viral genotype and drug resistant mutation/strain identification
  • Early-onset cancer detection
  • Non-invasive detection for early phase transplant rejection

Key Milestones

  • Evaluate the performance of commercial beads in the market
  • Design InBeads structure with precisely controlled surface chemistry to improve performance
  • Prepare InBeads in a scalable method
Verify the performance of InBeads by assessing the accuracy, efficiency and stability in term of pH, temperature and ionic strength
  • Determine economic and commercial viability