Nanowire Sensors for Real TimeAnalysis of Crop Ecosystems


  • Develop a revolutionary nanowire sensor for detecting multiple analytes that are critical to crop yield
  • Identify and detect excess pesticides and herbicides in soil
  • Real-time detection of plant pathogens


  • Real-time monitoring of soil and plant health
  • Economic and portable
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Maximize crop yield and food production
  • Help farmers make proactive decisions and save money
  • Transforming effect on agriculture

Key Milestones

  • Proof of concept studies with volatile analytes
  • Fabrication of nanowire devices
  • Development of surface functionalization protocols for pathogen binding on nanowires and experimental procedures for pesticide detection
  • Standardization of new devices and controlled adsorption studies using electrical resonance
  • Target analyte testing, limit of detection studies
  • Determine commercial and economic viability