Scaffolds for Islet Cell Transplantation


  • Develop scaffolds for islet cell transplantation with increased biocompatibility, but decreased biodegradability to eliminate the need for device removal
  • Mimic growth factors for enhanced cell proliferation
  • Evaluate the long term viability of encapsulated cells


  • This technology of scaffold preparation allows for study of the soluble factor mediated signaling through controlled porosity
  • Islet cell transplant scaffolds with tunable properties will address the major challenges of current islet cell transplant techniques of biocompatibility and immuno-suppression will result in a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for patients with Type 1 Diabetes

Key Milestones

  • Polymer modifications for enabling functional substrates
  • Optimize the pore size of the substrates for protein anchoring and transport properties
  • Perform animal study to evaluate overall performance of implanted device
  • Complete 3D printable modification strategy
  • Determine economic and commercial viability