Standing Wave Electrical Energy Propagation (SWEEP)


  • To develop an electrical energy propagation method that uses only a single contact to transfer power to a load. Not requiring a two terminal connection allows the surface of every day objects to become electrical “outlets” for the powering of devices


  • Medical: transferring energy over the body to power sensors, implants, and prosthetics
  • Electronics: Charging/powering electronics, including cell phones, tablets, etc. by placing them on ordinary furniture
  • Transportation: energized sidewalks and roadways for electric vehicles
  • Lighting: Lamps that are completely moveable over walls, ceilings and floors

Key Milestones

  • Demonstrate energy transfer at efficiencies exceeding 90%
  • Demonstrate the operation on everyday surfaces including inexpensive foils, furniture, the human body
  • Demonstrate a power level up to 100W
  • Demonstrate large area energy propagation
  • Determine commercial and economic viability