Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Systems


  • Develop dynamic stimuli responsive surfaces, materials and devices. These functional materials can change their structure and properties in response to environmental and directed stimuli.
  • Develop materials suitable for drug delivery, nano patterning, monitoring enzymatic reactions and subsequent applications


  • This technology enables the development of stimuli responsive polymer nanostructures
  • UV, NIR and pH activated polymer vesicles can be used for targeted drug delivery applications
  • Commercial potential in fields such as intra-cellular gene delivery, optical switching, chemical sensing, holography, microfluidics, self-cleaning surfaces and controlled bioadhesion

Key Milestones

  • Synthesis of surface bound polymers and block copolymers with UV or NIR responsive moieties
  • Fabricate drug loaded polymer vesicles
  • Optimize the drug releasing and photo-patterning of the polymer systems by light irradiation
  • Patent photo responsive systems
  • Demonstrate cytotoxicity using NIR or pH-triggered drug release
  • Determine economic and commercial viability