Superamphiphobic – Coating and Nanoparticle


  • Develop a superamphiphobic surface coating for pipelines which carry heavy oil
  • Reduce asphaltene clogging which increases pipeline pressure
  • Develop easy to apply, durable and can withstand corrosion and erosion


  • Reduce asphaltene and other hydrocarbon deposition which causes restricted flow
  • Reduce water adsorption that causes corrosion
  • Commercial potential in the areas of anti-fouling, solvent resistance, chemical shielding, drag reduction, and patterned super functional surfaces

Key Milestones

  • Synthesize nanoparticles and functionalize with fluorinated silane
  • Synthesize dopamine functionalized polymer
  • Prepare hybrid mixture of nanoparticles, polymer and cross-linker
  • Optimize the superamphiphobic property and stability of coating
  • Determine economic and commercial viability