SWEEP Robotics


  • To apply SWEEP technology to robotics to allow the power and control of the robot without wires. The development of this system will allow the chassis of the robot to become the electrical conduit, where power in tandem with control signals, is transferred from the source to specific actuators. This allows the robot to receive power and control signals completely wirelessly.


  • Development of this technology will allow robotic systems to be constructed without any wires, this will greatly reduce the cost and speed of assembly. This will allow robotics of all types to be cheaper and more widespread

Key Milestones

  • Demonstrate the transfer of energy and control signals to robotics
  • Demonstrate the sending of signals to create controlled actuation
  • Demonstrate the operation and control of a robotic arm with only the chassis of the arm used as the energy/control conduit
  • Demonstrate the sending of position signals from the motors to the control unit
  • Determine commercial and economic viability