Water Purification Membrane Systems-I (Bioinspired)


  • Develop bio-inspired hybrid membranes for new water purification technologies
  • Enhance water flux across the membrane with high salt rejection
  • Exceed performance of existing membrane technologies
  • Determine economic viability, scalability, and performance for commercialization


  • Development of a bio-inspired RO membrane suitable for industrial applications
  • Enable the choice of a wide variety of substrates
  • Substantial market potential
  • Significant improvement over current RO technology with respect to water flux with a concomitant   reduction in operating pressure

Key Milestones

  • Develop a bio-hybrid RO membrane with water flux of 20 LMH and salt rejection up to 95%
  • Improve performance by increasing aquaporin density in order to obtain water flux of greater than 50 LMH
  • Validate rejection of various impurities including: bacteria, ions, virus, etc.