Water Purification Membrane Systems-II (Gas responsive)


  • Develop Gas-responsive (CO2, O2) Polymer Membranes for water purification, oil/water separation and subsequent applications
  • Create gas tunable membrane by bubbling either CO2 or O2 to change the hydrophobicity
  • Separate oil and water from an emulsion and reproduce the reversibility for multiple utilizations without any pre and post treatment


  • Allows for faster, less expensive and more efficient switching of the surface hydrophilicity / hydrophobicity
  • Uses existing CO2 created during other industrial processes
  • More efficient means of dewatering froth-treated oil

Key Milestones

  • Prepare functional membranes using carbon nanotubes, polycarbonate membranes, etc. by grafting with gas responsive polymers
  • Determine the efficiency and reproducibility (100 cycles) of the membranes with varying oil and water compositions
  • Establish the ability of the membrane to separate water droplets from a stable emulsion
  • Determine economic and commercial viability